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You can now earn Learning Units with these courses


Revit Architecture Fundamentals
This course is designed for new users of Autodesk Revit Architecture. The course covers the basics of Autodesk Revit Architecture, from building design through construction documentation. Students are introduced to the concepts of Building Information Modeling and the tools for parametric design and documentation. In the hands-on lab sessions, students use the parametric 3D design tools of Revit to design projects and use the automated tools for documenting projects. No previous CAD experience is necessary. However, architectural design, drafting or engineering experience is highly recommended. It is recommended that you have a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, or 7). (Note for architects:  24 LU hrs, non HSW.)

DFTS 136 L442   3 cr
  Fee: $341.52   J315
10/3-10/24   8:30AM - 4:30PM   Sat   Lepeska

Revit Architecture Advanced
This course builds upon the Revit Architecture Essentials class and students learn advanced techniques for creating complex designs and professional looking renderings, creating and customizing objects, and collaborating on designs with other team members using Autodesk Architecture. Other topics include phasing and design options, running interface checks, and ODBC database export. Prerequisite: DFTS 136 or instructor permission. (Note for architects: 16 LU hrs, non HSW).

DFTS 137 L444   2 cr
  Fee: $227.68   J315
10/31-11/14   8:00AM - 4:30PM   Sat   Lepeska

AutoCAD Creating 3D Models
In this course students learn the tools and techniques for creating and editing 3D models with AutoCAD. Topics covered include creating solid primitives, creating models from 2D profiles, editing solid models, and creating drawings from 3D models. (Note for architects: 16 LU hrs, non HSW).

DFTS 138 L446   1 cr
  Fee: $113.84   J304
10/10-11/17   8:00AM-4:30PM   Sat   Montgomery

AutoCAD Conceptual Design
This course teaches students the tools and techniques for creating conceptual designs using AutoCAD. The student learn how to mass shapes with 3D solids, integrating raster images with solid models, visual styles, and how to export and distribute conceptual designs. (Note for architects: 6 LU hrs, non HSW).

DFTS 139 L448   1 cr
  Fee: $113.84
12/5   8:00AM-2:30PM   Sat   Lepeska

Revit Architecture is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool, which can be used by more than one person working on a new project. The objective of the Revit Architecture collaboration Tools course is to enable students who have a basic knowledge of Revit to increase their productivity while working with other people on a team, either in the same firm or with other firms, and use Revit files or other CAD files.

DFTS 142 L432   1 cr
  Fee: $113.84   J315
No class fall
  5:30PM-9:30PM   Mon   Lepeska

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an approach to the entire building life cycle. Revit Architecture is a powerful BIM program that supports the ability to coordinate, update, and share design data with team. Members throughout the design, construction, and management phases of a building’s life. The objective of the Revit Architecture BIM Management course is to enable students who have worked with Revit to expand their knowledge in setting up office standards with templates that include annotation styles, preset views, sheets, and schedules, as well as creating custom element types and families. (Note for Architects: Program number BRA 011, 16 LU hours, non HSW).

DFTS 141 L430   1 cr
  Fee: $113.84   J204
No class Fall   5:30PM-9:30PM   Mon   Lepeska

In this class the students will learn how to use the Navisworks collaboration tool to work with files connected to a construction project. Class topics include the import process of different file formats, annotation of 3D models, clash detection, and schedule coordination with TimeLiner. Pre-requisite: knowledge of AutoCAD 3D commands, Autodesk Revit, or instructor’s permission.

DFTS 143 L412   1 cr
  Fee: $113.84   J204
No class fall
  8:30AM-4:30PM   Sat   Lepeska

The students will learn each aspect of Revit MEP: mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. Using solid modeling, the students will create equipment and symbols that can be used in future projects. The class also includes instruction on templates and project set up. Pre-requisite: knowledge of AutoCAD 3D commands, Autodesk Revit, or instructor’s permission.

DFTS 144 L400   3 cr
  Fee: $341.52   J204
10/5-11/23   5:30PM-9:30PM   Mon   Lepeska