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AutoCAD Civil 3D gives planners, engineers, and surveyors powerful land-planning features such as COGO and map creation, terrain modeling, and alignments. Built on the AutoCAD and Autodesk Map 3D software platform, AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 includes centralized data management to create an environment that promotes collaborative design and analysis.


This course teaches the fundamentals of AutoCAD Civil 3D and it is geared for civil engineers, surveyors, and civil engineering designers. The students will learn the program interface and settings, points, surfaces, grading, alignments; profiles; corridors; grading, cross sections; pipe networks, and plans production. Pre-requisite working experience with AutoCAD or instructor’s permission. RTC is a registered Autodesk training center.
DFTS 180 L441   80hrs/ 6 credits   Fee: $723.04   J315
9/28-12/14   5:30PM - 9:30PM   MW   El-Guindy